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Meet The Team

Our Performers

We offer a huge range of performers, from Belly Dancers through to Fire Performers.

All our Acts are personally chosen by our CEO and Director of Operations.

(This is NOT a full list of our performers)


To simply call Pegah a belly dancer would be a huge injustice. Choreographer, Dancer, Belly Dance Specialist, experienced professional. Pegah can provide you bespoke dances and visual performance concepts that will blow you away.  Pegah is a fantastic solo performer, but she is also is excellent to book to lead duos/trios and whole dance groups.


Absorbing, mesmorising, experienced Belly Dancer. Maristania will always leave you guests stunned and engaged by her dances.

Maris is known for getting her crowds involved with the pagentry of her events.


Stunning, Energetic and enticing belly dance specialist. Bianca brings her experience and personality to every event in subtle ways to make a unique experience, grab your guests attention, and leave them with huge smiles and a sense of wonder and amazement.

Ellie 2.png


Elle's belly dance performances are simply exquisite. She uses her knowledge of dance and her experience of performance to bring eligant, fun and exciting performances every booking. Your guests will love her warm smile and enthralling performance.


Expect fun, energetic and electric performances with Dinah. She will always bring a fresh, interesting and enticing routine to her belly dance bookings. Your guests will love her friendly approach and the way she gets them involved in the fun of the night.



Beauty in movement, sophisticated, seducative and fun. Salma presents the whole package, Belly Dancing is just one style of Dance that she performs, please enquire for more details


Veluptuous, seductive and fun. Desiree has the perfect combination of curves and beauty to drive your customers wild.

Marciajean fire.png

Marcia Jean

Sexy, Sophisticated, Exciting Fire Shows.... Do you really need more detail?


More than just a percussiont. Assaf has a booking option that really turn on a performance of another level. He will roam your crowd with his Djembe drum (which he encourages guests to play with him) and he uses light up tambourine shakers to hand to guests to let them join in the fun. Assaf uses his energetic and charasmatic personality to use this to take a party beyond expectations.

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