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Meet The Team

Our Djs

We have a huge data base of DJs, ranging from Single Style Specialists to Open Format.

 all of which are hand picked by our CEO and Director of Operations.

(This is not a full list of all of our DJs.)


Anthony Francis

Veteran DJ of 20 years. There aren't many genres of music and events this DJ hasn't' worked  with.
Weddings and Bespoke Festive Parties through to Festival Stages and some of the world's most famous night clubs. If you want experience, knowlede and that feeling you want  your party to never end.... and a glorious beard, this is your Performer.

AJ Couque

Babyfaced though he might be (calm down ladies), he is a DJ of experience with over 10 years of events big and small under his belt. AJ is a fully open format DJ but he does have a specialism in House Music - particularly Afrohouse/Deep House/Latin House.


Sassy B

Sassy B by name and nature. Sassy has a huge musical knowledge and event experience. Sassy specialises in Corporate events and weddings. If you're having a party she is the one to make it into THE party!

Zach Slone

Afrobeats? Latin? Hip Hop? RnB? this DJ has got you covered with a vast knowledge. Decided you want some house music? arabic? French? still no problem at all, Zach will take your crowd on a party journey across the music universe.

Photo from Anthony Francis (Steve).jpg


Janoko knows how to manipulate your very soul with music. hugely experienced big event DJ, but equally comfortable DJing for small parties. Either way he will find that vibe you envisaged and take you to places you never expected on that vibe.

Sun Philips

One half of the duo Sunana (Sun and Ana) Sun Philips is always high energy, both in hist style and his music. If you need the vibe brought to your party this is the DJ for you. 



All style of Arabic music are this DJ's specialism, want some Latin, RnB or Hip Hop Mixed in? no problem at all.

Sami can smoothly swing between the most recent/most iconic arabic songs into tracks in many other genres to create a vibe for all to enjoy. Sami is also well versed in working with a veriety of performers such as our belly dancers and our live singers.


Sophia specialised in one off bespoke events she is used to creating a bang from the start with her tracks and finding ways to get your event's vibe nailed from the get go. Let her bring your vision to life, and let your guests have the best time!



Youthful looks with the musical knowledge of a vetran. When we first met callum he blew us away with his depth of musical knowledge. This DJ really knows how to get the party going. (he's recently been on Radio One Dance Anthems too!) 


Known for his Party Anthems as much as he is his ability to make a specticle of an Arabic Speciality night.

D-rymez is internationally known and respected for his skills as a DJ. 


DJ Sof

Dj Sof is a smoot mixing knowledgeable DJ with a wide range of genres in her repertoire.  Sof will bring the party to you and your guests will love her infectious style and perfect song selection


Gabski is a House Music Specialist. If you want pure sophisticated house vibes of any kind this is your DJ. Gabski uses his knowledge of the Genre to find that perfect groove for your guestes



Jake is a House Music Specialist. If you want pure house vibes, songs you've never heard but now desperately are trying to shazam, and a vibe perfect for your event this is your DJ.


Shmia is a high energy mixing knowledgeable DJ with a wide range of genres in her repertoire.  Shmia will bring the party to you and your guests will love her high energy infectious style.

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